Monday, March 2, 2015

Education in Modernization

Information and Communication Technology in Educating Students
Many years have passed that we have experienced traditional learning strategies given by our educators. We are using books, journals and articles from our libraries to developed knowledge and to update our acquired knowledge, but as generation offer us new sets of ways to improve learning they have introduced the Information and Communication technology in the field of education.
According to the study conducted by Pearson (2003), ICT has been introduced to education to assists students, enhance their learning capabilities and improve their academic grades. This is a new way of gathering new knowledge and updated information easily and it varies even in years. In the beginning of the 1990’s according to him, there are many initiatives that have been given to the teachers to use ICT in teaching. One of these is to familiarize the outline in ICT and illustration case studies of good practice to key features.

Though ICT would be very beneficial to the students, there have been disadvantages that the researchers found in the early years of using it. They have discovered factors that could influence the use of the ICT for teachers and one these are lack of teaching experience with ICT, lack of on-site support for teachers using technology, lack of help supervising children when using computers, lack of ICT specialist teachers to teach students computer skills, lack of computer availability, lack of time required to successfully integrate technology into the Curriculum and lack of financial support (Mumtaz, 2006). There were many advantages that we could get from using technologies but schools who have higher capability to provide was the only one who could reach the goal of ICT in schools.

This is supported by the study made by Matthew et al. (2006) that one of the benefits of the students in using the ICT is to build confidence and competence as ICT users. This could be accomplished by one on one teaching for better learning of both the teacher and the student in the use of technology. The success of the study has been the basis for using the technology in our times. Though we have learned how ICT could be very helpful to each one of us, be very keen in using it and getting information from it.


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Joys and pains
Wealth and struggles
Life and death
It’s just simple words of describing how uncertain life is
What will happen now and
What will happen next?
Love and miseries
Left or right
Life will always bring you what you didn't expect
It will cause you so much happiness or sadness
But neither of them will be your decision
Just think about this
Life is full of choices
You always act like what you have said it
You have done reasonable decisions
But then..
Is this really where you’re supposed to be?
Is this really where you planned it to be?
Is this really WHAT I WANTED TO BE?
There are always beginnings..
That lasts to an end.
It’s just a matter of HOW?